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Yes, seeds are going to be Plan B after I finish with my internet search for

I did read that plants will flower very quickly after sowing; must be within
the same year as you note below.

I am planning to keep them in pots.  I'm in zone 5; but I spend most of my
waking hours in the greenhouse; so I would like them somewhere I can see
them when they flower.  

I've potted the ones I have now in regular potting soil, with quite a lot of
pumice mixed in for good drainage.

I overpotted them so that they have room for offsets.  I will just be
careful not to drench the entire pot.  

I know in the summer they go dormant.   Would I just entirely skip watering
during this time?  If they were planted in the ground; they wouldn’t dry out
(I think), so perhaps a light misting directly over the tuber once a month
during this time would be ok?  

Thanks, these are really neat little plants.  

Best regards, Lisa

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Lewisia tweedyi grow very quickly from seed, and other species I suspect. I
sowed Nargs seed last spring and they started flowering in the autumn. The
only 2 plants I retained are now in full flower. They were kept in an
unheated greenhouse over winter, maybe -5C min. Unfortunately although the
seed was labelled "from a yellow form" they are all the same salmon type
colouring, but I do have pots of white and rosea types in full flower now.
Only wish I could grow them reliably outside in the UK climate.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8 ish

>Does anyone have recommendations for Lewisia species vendors?  (Aside 
>from Beaver Creek, already bought very nice plants).
>Specifically; I am looking for plants, not cultivars.
>Thanks for any recommendations....
>Best regards, Lisa

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