Anyone know Namibia?

Crawford Neil
Fri, 05 Apr 2013 04:54:06 PDT
Hi, It's been a long time since I posted and I have very little to report about the bulb situation in Sweden. Everything is frozen solid, we're having a terribly cold spring. We have some snowdrops that are nearly in bloom, that's it, in April! We're beginning to plan a trip to Namibia, we really want to see the Welwitschia mirabilis. Apart from that I can't find much at all on the net about plants in Namibia, there seem to be nearly 700 endemics and perhaps 300 more if you add shared endemics with the Angolan desert and succulent karoo in South Africa. I read somewhere that the rainy season is actually better for plants, so February-March seems like a good time, unless we drive up via Namaqaland which is of course best in September. That's about all I know. Does anyone know any botanical hot-spots in Namibia that we shouldn't miss, are there any botanists we can get in touch with, there are lots of birders, but seem to be very few people looking at plants. I couldn't even fi
 nd many books, is there a good flora of Namibia? Grateful for any help.
Best regards Neil

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