Cardamine hirsuta

Wed, 03 Apr 2013 11:28:57 PDT
Dear Kathleen and all,
I did not mention vinager which in certain conditions is a great weedkiller.
I have used it succesfully in the past. You can get catering sized drums of it quite cheaply here.
I too use boiling water on spots where no plants are wanted, paving etc.
But for large areas of paving or other big places where annuals are causing problems thermic lances are the only real answer and mulches.
Round-up has  had to back down from promoting the harmlessness of the product after use.
It is still present in the soils no matter what some reports may say.
They have been taken to court and their arguments quashed as commercial fabrications as most of the "studies' on their product are. 

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> This little pest is also in my garden, and I have shifted to the use of boiling water or steam (as with a steam-producing floor mop) to control cardamine seedlings. This is especially effective on my gravel paths. Vinegar sprays also work, but in my damp climate, steam seems the best as I don't have to wait for a dry day. 
> Kathleen
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