Mary Sue and PBS

James Waddick
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:54:20 PDT
Dear PBS friends, 

	It has taken me a couple days to just try to put Mary Sue's contribution to PBS in perspective and into words. I give up, I can't. 

	Mary just IS PBS. 

	She was a major supporter of the pre -PBS cyber bulb group (that I won't even bother to name here) and pushed for the establishment and nature of the independent PBS from day 1 and before. I doubt that PBS could have been born and grown without Mary Sue's input at all levels. Most members know her as the driving force behind the wiki and all the praise mentioned is true. She started it, brought it into focus and kept the highest possible quality through the years.

	The wiki has been a near full time job at times, but she has managed to engage a variety of helpers and now passed the responsibility on to a very capable crew of wiki-ans. 

	I doubt that Mary Sue will not continue her involvement in PBS. Nhu did not mention what stands in Mary Sue's future, but I know that being relieved of much of the daily pressure of the wiki will just bring more energy to other parts of PBS activities.  Thanks for the wiki seems just scratching the surface of all that she has done and I am certain will continue to do. 

	Mary Sue I hope that your 'retirement' from the wiki was not due to changes in your health, life or well being. I look forward to your continued in put and high level participation in PBS for a long, long time.

			Three cheers and the most sincere thanks for bringing all of us PBS of today. 			Be well.		Jim W. 

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