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Nhu Nguyen
Mon, 15 Apr 2013 14:03:02 PDT
 Hi everyone,

I want to share some recent photos (and info) which I have added to the
wiki. There are other wiki contributors and I encourage them to make these
announcements as well. The photos this time came from various contributors
and my own. You will see that there are some very exciting entries.

Remember that we have also made a major improvement to the wiki structure
made by our tech guru David Pilling. For newer images, you can view them in
high resolution!


*-- New species to the wiki --*
Albuca seineri -- photos contributed by Cody Howard from his recent trip to
Namibia. This species has deliciously succulent glaucous leaves to lust

Bomarea edulis -- this is a more widely grown species in the genus because
it has a huge range in from Central to South America and a broad
temperature range as well. Some are even hardy and can grown outdoors in
colder areas. The most commonly grown form is the pink and green one.
However, there are other wonderful forms such as the magenta one!…

Drimia altissima -- Agave you say? No, this is a lovely species with a
broad range in Africa. Photos contributed by Nicholas Wightman and Cody

Ensete lasiocarpum -- it was known as Musella lasiocarpa not so long ago.
This little temperate banana relative is really something else. It can be
grown outdoors here in the Bay Area with some protection.…

Hieronymiella aurea & H. clidanthoides -- Mariano Saviello took a fieldtrip
into the wild of Argentina and took some great photos. Too bad the H.
clidanthoides was not in bloom.…

Kniphofia typhoides -- photos from Ina Crossley of this interesting
species. The photos also show Ina's lovely garden in the background. We
need more garden shots like these! :)…

Ledebouria scabrida -- photos from Cody Howard on his last trip to Namibia.
This is a neat species.…

Lewisia brachycalyx -- why this is not grown more often I don't understand.
It's a lovely species from Southern California that goes completely dormant
in the summer. Older specimens produce an impressive ring of flowers.

Oxalis articulata -- it's a widespread and one of the most widely grown of
the genus. Japanese horticulturalists have made some great selections.…

Oxalis cathara - a neat large flowered South African species but is shy to
bloom for me.…

Oxalis decaphylla - one of the most interesting species of the Mexican

Oxalis floribunda ssp. ostenii - another interesting species from South
America with large woody rhizomes.…

Oxalis latifolia -- extremely widespread and deserves a place in any Oxalis

Oxalis macrocarpa -- another beautiful Mexican species with broad and flat

Oxalis megalorrhiza -- interesting but it can spread in a collection. It's
one worth growing. In full sunlight, the cells in the back of the leaves
glisten like diamonds.…

Oxalis morelosii -- a newly described Mexican species. I really love this

Oxalis novemfoliata -- a somewhat newly described species from Chile. It
has very interesting leaves and is an instant favorite.…

Oxalis potamophila -- this one comes from Brazil.…

Oxalis  sp. Chile -- very interesting and seemingly undescribed species.
There was no collection information associated with it, but based on the
Section to which it belongs, it must have come from the Atacama of Chile.…

Oxalis sp. Durango, Mexico -- a vigorous species from Mexico. I recently
sent bulbs of this species to the BX. The bulbs are small but will produce
large plants.…

Oxalis tortuosa -- another one from the deserts of Chile. The carrot-like
roots are impressive!…

Phaedranassa glauciflora -- one with typical carmine pink, green, and
yellow-stripped flowers.
Phaedranassa lehmanii -- an atypical lovely orange-flowered species from
Columbia. Beautiful thing!…

*-- New photos to the wiki --*
Ammocharis coranica -- a form from Namibia contributed by Cody Howard.…

Ixia viridiflora var. minor -- how can anyone resist these plants?…

Lewisia rediviva -- I've added a number of forms of the species. It does
vary quite a bit. Another wonderful plant for a geophyte collection.…

Lilium humboldtii - some new forms and habit shots. This is one of the best
California liliums.…

Lilium parryi -- this California native has the most brilliant yellow in
full sunlight.…

Massonia setulosa -- photos contributed by Gottfried Milkuhn.…

Muilla maritima -- I've added a form from southern California. Neat little

A few additional photos on some Oxalis.
You can find them here:…
Oxalis adenophylla
Oxalis bowei
Oxalis brasiliensis
Oxalis callosa
Oxalis fabaefolia
Oxalis flava
Oxalis gigantea
Oxalis glabra
Oxalis gracilis
Oxalis hirta/hirta Mauvre
Oxalis incarnata
Oxalis livida
Oxalis magnifica
Oxalis massoniana
Oxalis nelsonii
Oxalis oregana
Oxalis palmifrons
Oxalis perdicaria
Oxalis pes-caprae
Oxalis pocockiae
Oxalis polyphylla /heptaphylla
Oxalis stenorrhyncha
Oxalis tetraphylla forms
Oxalis tuberosa
Oxalis versicolor

Pamianthe peruviana -- what a wonderful plant and a wonderful fragrance!…

Phaedranassa carmiolii
Phaedranassa cinerea
Phaedranassa viridiflora -- great blooming last year on this species.…

Pseudogaltonia clavata -- photos in situ from Cody Howard and some
seed-grown plant.

Rauhia decora -- flower and seedling photos. The seedlings are just super
Rauhia multiflora -- a large species with impressive leaves. Wonderful

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