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Lophophora williamsii is a schedule 1 drug plant. All parts of  it growing 
or not are Illegal to possess without a DEA license.  I can  assure you 
cactus bowl sellers do not have DEA licenses.  I don't know  the date of it 
becoming scheduled so perhaps it was available in the past. It  is clearly on 
the list now. 

I don't grow any cactus so don't know  about this genus and its other spp , 
but California's own law forbids growing  ANY species in this genus. 

Tim Chapman

> I do not agree with  you.  Lophophora williamsii is a well known plant.  
It is 
>  similar to L. diffusa, but they can be distinguished.  When I lived in  
> I was somewhat of an expert on cactus and grew many.   Among my plants 
was L. 
> williamsii, and of course it flowered for  me.  
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