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David- I have had 45+ years with cactus and no commercial grower is going  
to risk losing his business growing this. Alright you get me a plant or pi
cture  and I will shut up but my family has been in the plant business since 
the 1800's  and I have handled more cactus than you. At one flower shower in 
Phoenix I had  to rent a Uhaul truck just to bring in part of what I had to 
display to the  public. I know hundreds of growers around the world from 
Australia, Greece,  Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, Great Britain and on and on. I 
have taught Plant  Taxonomy to College Graduate Students. Why do you insist 
it must be Lophophora  growing in theses dish gardens. I have seen thousands 
of these planters and know  many of the people that put them together. I 
have been in more private  collection than you could ever imagine. I only know 
of one private grower with  this plant, that is in North America excluding 
Mexico. Oh I have also been  in most of the greenhouses in Vista, CA too, So 
what I am asking is show me some  proof. If you cannot afford a digital 
camera I will get you one. Russ H.
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No one who really knows cactus would ever confuse  Ariocarpus with 
And Lophophora was certainly sold as  part of a dish garden in gift shops.  
think Tim and Jadeboy are  confusing the harmless commerce in gifts with 
drug  trafficking.  The DEA certainly does not confuse the two.  And I  
would not confuse Ariocarpus with Lophophora!

David  E.

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I wonder if the original post might  refer to Ariocarpus, rather than 
Lophophora. I've seen ariocarpus plants  in touristy dish gardens. 

Sue Haffner  
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