Cardamine californica and C. nuttallii

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 10 Apr 2013 07:22:10 PDT
I have refrained from commenting on the Cardamine threads since there 
are so many posts lately and when I was the list administrator I 
noticed that a lot of people starting dropping out when that happened 
(and when people kept including all the previous messages which makes 
it so hard for digest subscribers) which is also happening.

Nhu gave the link to the wiki Cardamine page with pictures of the 
form of Cardamine californica I have in my garden. The flowers aren't 
spectacular, but since it is one of the first wildflowers ever year 
to appear I'm fond of it. But what I really love are the colorful 
leaves, all different. It's a form that grows naturally in the 
Mendocino Sonoma Coast (where I live.)…

It does appear here and there in some parts of my often shady and 
somewhat wild garden and then as Kathleen noted disappears for much 
of the year. Where my biggest patch of it grows is under my redwoods 
with these companions: Lilium martimum, Viola sempivirens, 
Chlorogalum pomeridianum, Vaccinium ovatum, Dicentra formosa, and 
Scoliopus bigelovii. Not far from this in an area that gets a bit but 
not much more sun is some Trillium ovatum and some Maianthemum 
stellatum. So this is a native area of my garden. It's the 
Chlorogalum that is taking over (once I fenced it from the deer.) And 
yes there is some pesty annual Cardamine there too and some 
grasses.  Strangely the Oxalis oregana that I planted there which is 
usually found as a carpet under redwoods (where not a lot grows 
easily) struggles in the same area.

Mary Sue

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