Cardamine hirsuta

Christian Lachaud
Thu, 04 Apr 2013 02:19:39 PDT
Dear All,

It seems true that roundup has many undocumented properties on productivity
in various domains :-)

My apologies for having starting a thread which topic was somehow remote
from that of the forum.
I did so thinking that bulb growers might have experienced roundup enough
to share observations about the specific weed, and that the roundup
question was also among those concerning bulbs cultivation.

Nhu, I do not understand what it would bring to have soil spayed vs. not in
pots, but scientific cosmetics.
In situ, it is enough to simply systematically observe that Cardamine
population follows the limits of the spraying, systematically in treated
spots, and doubtly due to soil differences or seeds density.
Running an experimental design including alternative (non-glyphosate based)
systemic herbicides compared to roundup and control would be interesting
But I'm not going to engage this kind of research, since it would not bring
easy answers about the mechanisms behind any effect.

From governemental databases, it seems that byproducts of roundup exist
with not so short a life duration as advertised.
One of these compounds may have some hormonal-like effect specifically on
Cardamine hirsuta seeds germination, as suggested.
Is this effect resulting from gene pollution in this species or not is
another level of questions.

Maybe, having talked publicly about this case on your forum will benefitly
attract attention and induce additional research ?

Thanks a lot - looking forward for more fruitful discussions on this forum.

*Dr. Christian M. Lachaud, PhD*

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