Cardamine bulbifera

Kathleen Sayce
Tue, 09 Apr 2013 10:58:18 PDT
Mark Brown wrote:  In northern Europe we have Cardamine bulbifera which can be a beautiful plant.
Some forms however seem to insist on just producing bulbils and more bulbils instead of flowers.

So, could PBS members in Europe help find and distribute good forms (flower producers) to this group? 

Along with the weedy annuals, there are some striking perennial forms. Perennial cardamines here are either summer dormant or wetland/damp soil and summer-growing species, including one rare endemic, Cardamine pattersonii, Saddle Mountain bittercress, which lives on mountain tops in wet seeps. 


Kathleen Sayce
PNW Coast, WHZ 8, dryish cool summers & mild wet winters

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