Earthworms (was leafmould was Rainlilies & Stagonospora)

Mon, 09 Dec 2013 00:08:29 PST
Earthworms don't do any harm in pots, it is their casts that build up around the plants that may cause problems.
With more delicate alpine and miniature plants they are to be discouraged.
Most of my plants that are in pots have earthworms in them and they are fine.
I no longer grow alpines in pots, just a few plants growing on as a "nursery" and a few that don't fit in elsewhere. 
I used to put a small piece of fine wire mesh over the drainage hole for my alpines when potting up.
I have noticed that if through excessive cold or heat an earthworm dies in a pot, it sours the soil.

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> Ina wrote
> I have never liked to use it in pots as earthworms are 
> > in there then too. I guess from this thread that actually is ok, to 
> > have earthworms in potted mixes?
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> I wouldn't recommend to use earthworms in potted mixes. Maybe bulbs are more tolerant but from past experience container plants with worms in it during winter storage did less well especially when the soil was not dry/dryish.
> Aad
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