Flowering on Christmas day

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 25 Dec 2013 13:53:38 PST
Reporting from sunny warm dry Northern California where it looks like 
in many places it is going to be the driest calendar year on record 
and where in a lot of localities there have been a string of no burn 
days because of the air quality. And there is still fire danger which 
normally is not so much a concern this time of the year. I surveyed 
my garden and there are a lot of things in bloom. Some of them are 
usual for this time of the year. One that isn't is Calochortus 
uniflorus which has been blooming for months. Sadly one of the local 
forester is taking advantage of the lack of rain and working today in 
spite of the holiday.

All of these are in bloom although a few are finishing and others starting:
Brunsvigia grandiflora
Calochortus uniflorus
Canarina canariensis
Crocus laevigatus 'Fontenayi'
Cyclamen balearicum, Cyclamen coum, C. persicum
Cyrtanthus mackenii
Daubenya zeyheri
Delphinium luteum & Delphinium nudicaule
Gladiolus priorii
Haemanthus deformis & Haemanthus paucifolius
Iris unguicularis
Lachenalia bulbifera
Massonia jasminiflora, Massonia pustulata
Narcissus romieuxii
Orthrosanthus chimboracensis
Oxalis compressa, Oxalis glabra, Oxalis luteola, Oxalis obtusa, 
Oxalis purpurea, Oxalis versicolor
Pelargonium sidoides
Romulea hallii
Strumaria discifera ssp. bulbifera
Tristagma uniflorum
Triteleia ixioides ssp. unifolia

Mary Sue

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