Stagonospora & Leafmold

Sat, 07 Dec 2013 23:54:19 PST
If you were using organic mushroom compost you would get a healthy mass of mycelia.
And that it just what you want for a healthy soil and no staggy.
Other mushroom composts are sterilised and acidiy the soil.
I used treated mushroom compost for years in England and it was very quickly wet and stodgy stuff.
Fine for mulching borders and kitchen gardens.

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> De : "Aad van Beek" 
 So in the past I would dig a trench. Fill it with leaves. Put a thick layer of mushroom compost on it and covered it with a layer of soil. Keep it moist and leave it for a year. Then it will be nicely crumbled and easy to use. Never thought of use it for my plants dough, but did use it my vegetable garden."
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