Onward through the fog!

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Tue, 24 Dec 2013 16:46:50 PST
Ceridwen wrote

> ...my holiday project is to try and install
> something to simulate fog for my
> Californian redwood. Ideas also appreciated!


I also know a friend who used standard drip irrigation microspray emitters on poles,
just above the plants, to mist his Fouquieria columnaris (boojum) plants here in the
lower Sonoran desert. This plant is from the small winter-rainfall area of northern Baja
California and doesn't like our summer heat. It worked well with the emitters going off
by timer, three times per day, every day of the year, for 15 minutes each time. When
your redwoods become happy you will need to keep extending the poles frequently.

Another possibility would be to grow Taxodium mucronatum, the Montezuma cypress, whose
foliage when small somewhat resembles a redwood's. It tolerates blazing desert heat if
it be well-watered (in habitat it grows beside and in rivers.) Tucson's Sabino Canyon
was named for this tree, which formerly grew there, until the US Army cut them all down
to build Fort Lowell during the Apache wars.

The trunk of Fouquieria columnaris looks like an upside-down white carrot so there is
bulb content in this drivel. Extra credit if you recognize the source of the Subject:

Leo (Santa) Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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