"Christmas" Cactus - Variegated - can somebody help ?

The Silent Seed tylus_seklos@aol.com
Sun, 29 Dec 2013 09:02:42 PST
If any of you are succulent fans, and can help me - I found a big pot of XMas Cacti that appears to be variegated - but would like a professional opinion, since the flowers are white, with a very pale pink tinge inside - not the usual red, of most variegated forms. 
I'm looking for a name for my plant - Email me privately if you can help, and I can share photos.



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>>I'm curious if the current mild winter weather winter in this area is
causing muscari to bloom early and narcissus, crocus, rainlilies and
hyacinth to grow leaves and flower spikes? It's my first year growing these
bulbs and I thought they don't flower till spring or at least in January or

They bulbs you list should all be in leaf by now; that's normal for this
time of year in our area. As for whether they should be blooming now, that
depends on the species you're growing. 

I'm about 60 miles south of you and one zone cooler. In my location we have
had almost no rain this season, but the weather hasn't been mild -- in
December we had about a week to ten days of subfreezing temperatures (~20F /
-7C) every night. I had damage to many subtropical plants in my yard, and
the bulb pots were frozen stiff at the surface every morning. The actual
damage, though, was mostly burned leaf tips. I was surprised there wasn't
more serious damage.

Everything is blooming on schedule here. I'm worried that the frost damage
may have set back the spring bloomers, but I'll have to wait and see.

San Jose, CA
Zone 9


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