Little Bitty Dusters for applying fungicide

Sun, 22 Dec 2013 08:00:28 PST
Hi all,

I'm always amazed that sulfur does anything. Still, it seems to work as a
preventative for surface infections. I have not tried it ever, and I would
not recommend it for treating any established, systemic fungal infections.

For treating twin scaled bulb chips, sulfur would certainly be better than
no antifungal treatment at all. For bulb chips, almost any antifungal agent
that did not damage the plant tissue should be fine. I doubt that Captan
has any specific properties that make it unique for protecting bulb chips.

Jim Shields

At 06:08 AM 12/22/2013, Aad wrote:

Robin wrote
> "The only fungicide I use is powdered sulphur.  I take a pinch between
thumb and finger and slide them together so it dusts down."

I saw pictures on how to propagate Hippeastrum using double or twin
scaling. Captan was suggested as a fungicide to dip the scales in for 30
I think captan is not sold to private persons in Holland (good thing
dough). Could powdered sulfur a good alternative for it?


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