Re-rooting a Cyclamen

Laura & Dave
Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:42:30 PST
Hi all
   We had quite a freeze here (Tumwater, Washington, USA  on the ocean side of 
the Cascade mountains), down to -12 C for a few days. One of our cats found the 
soil too frozen for it's liking, and discovered softer digging in one of my 
protected pots. Unfortunately, it unearthed an eight year old Cyclamen graecum 
tuber, and in the process broke its taproot off just below the tuber.  The tuber 
is about the size of a golf ball, firm and with a few leaves.
   Is there any hope that it will put out new roots?  What can I do to help it 
along, besides putting it back into its cleaned pot.  The tuber itself appears 
   Dave Brastow

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