Galanthus reginae-olgae, was Perched Water Table

Wed, 04 Dec 2013 09:00:20 PST
I have many accessions of this plant and none of them behave the same regards foliage.
Plants from known wild source, The Taygetos Mountains, have been flowering since the end of september.
Some with leaves some without.
Years ago distinctions were made between the leafless clones as true reginae-olgae and those flowering with their leaves as corcyrensis.
I can't see that there is any point in keeping this distinction as they are so variable.
Those I have seen in the wild were flowering mostly without leaves and developed them at various speeds after flowering.
I can see the point of this as they were growing under huge old plane trees in relictual stands along streams and seepages.
The trees were still in leaf and the huge leaves as they fall would suffocate any developping foliage.
They wait until the leaves break down a bit before leafing out themselves above the leaf litter.
Some forms of the autumn flowering elwesii do so before developping foliage but are never really as leafless.
Galanthus peshmenii in the two clones I grow flowers with it's leaves. G. cilicicus does the same.
I forget how the autumn flowering rizehensis behaves as I have lost it, and the autumn flowering forms of transcaucasicus and fosteri I do not grow at all. 

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> De : "Judy Glattstein" 
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> Judy in New Jersey where Galanthus 'Potter's Prelude' is budding up 
> quite nicely. It amuses me that the month or so earlier flowering G. 
> regina-olgae waits until Spring to send up leaves and this later 
> snowdrop produces leaves with its flowers. Whatever works . . . "
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