Perched Water Table

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 04 Dec 2013 05:40:31 PST
Agreed that if the thought is that crocking results in better drainage - 
well, that's a crock of animal fertilizer. If, as Ina mentioned, the 
plants are shallow rooted and the goal is to reduce weight while using a 
taller container for appearances, then using a non-potting mix filler 
material should not be an issue.

Bulb in 6 inch tall, 6 inch wide container. No issues, right?

Bulb in 6 inch wide, 12 inch tall container - yes, better drainage than 
in 6 inch deep container.

Bulb in 6 inch wide container, with 1/3 of 12 inch height filled with 
soda cans / packing chips (ghost farts, my brother calls them) / 
whatever should still drain satisfactorily, wouldn't it?.

Judy in New Jersey where Galanthus 'Potter's Prelude' is budding up 
quite nicely. It amuses me that the month or so earlier flowering G. 
regina-olgae waits until Spring to send up leaves and this later 
snowdrop produces leaves with its flowers. Whatever works . . . .

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