Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:03:12 PST
It is a forest tropical plant, evergreen. It is a fantastic indoor plant and have seen fantastic speciments in a living room by fireplaces. Very sensitive to excess water that will show as rapid yellowing of leaves. Cultivation depends a lot on judicious watering. It hates transplanting and a healthy plant will become a good clump within months. It flowers with full foliage and flowering can be induced twice a year by withholding waterings as much as possible without wilting of the plants for a month or so. then if you resume normal watering flowers will be produced. Flowering time is say October in the Norhtern Hemisphere. Heat is more important than fertilizing and in commercial greehouses pots of them were normally placed tby the hot water piping. More like and anthurium than as a fritillaria.


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