Rainlilies & Stagonospora

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Sat, 07 Dec 2013 13:58:54 PST
That will work too but unshredded leaves take much longer to decompose and 
you can pile a lot more leaves on your compost if they are shredded first. I 
have a country property and lots of leaves, plus my neighbour's leaves and 
anybody else is welcome to dump theirs too. I lawn mower would work well on 
a small scale.
I use my leaves on the garden, but this bulb idea in intriguing. I was 
afraid to bring some kind of pathogen, but apparently any "mold" in them is 

I didn't have such equipment. So in the past I would dig a trench. Fill it 
with leaves. Put a thick layer of mushroom compost on it and covered it with 
a layer of soil. Keep it moist and leave it for a year. Then it will be 
nicely crumbled and easy to use. Never thought of use it for my plants 
dough, but did use it my vegetable garden.

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