Re-rooting a Cyclamen

Jane McGary
Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:24:51 PST
Robin Hansen wrote
>On the subject of hardiness of [Cyclamen] graecum - we've had two 
>weeks of temps hovering at lows between 18 and 22 [F] My graecums in 
>the rock garden have very darkened leaves, with tubers planted at 
>surface level in old dune (sort of loamy sand), so I'm keeping my 
>fingers crossed.  I've never had survival issues in poly houses with 
>reemay covering and temps down to 12, so we'll see.  We've had 
>little rainfall so that should help.

I have a raised bed of tufa rock, sand, and grit with a little 
leafmold planted with Cyclamen graecum and Cyclamen mirabile. I had 
the same temperatures (Fahrenheit) as Robin did during the cold 
spell. The cyclamen leaves were darkened and flattened, but now they 
have risen back up and look quite viable. These are old, very large 
tubers that have been outdoors for several years. Most of them are a 
strain from an Aegean island, Anthronisi.

I think I lost some C. persicum in the bulb house, which has only 
wire mesh sides, but I have some in a pot that I brought indoors 
before the freeze. Also an apparent casualty is C. africanum, 
outdoors in the ground. The C. coum are already blooming. C. 
pseudibericum in the bulb house looks well.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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