Rootless Hippeastrum cybister

Hans-Werner Hammen
Sun, 22 Dec 2013 11:29:51 PST
I had good flowers, even seed pod formation from a rootless bulb of H.cybister "Chico", too.Nothing to worry about; new roots will appear afterwards.Clean the soil from the root remainders, replant the bulb, keep just moist, and be confident. 

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> Subject: [pbs] Rootless Hippeastrum cybister
> Earlier this autumn, I purchased a Hippeastrum cybister 'Chico' from one of
> the large commercial bulb companies.  It arrived dormant with a few
> dessicated roots, so I potted in a mix of about 50% stalite, 50% potting
> soil and kept it dry.  When the inflorescence appeared, I started giving it
> a little water. That may have been a mistake.  Yesterday, I knocked the pot
> over, and the bulb rolled out.  The dessicated roots have rotted away, and
> there is no sign of new root growth.  I have repotted the bulb into pure
> gravel, just to hold it steady.
> What should I do now?  If this were a rootless orchid, I would cut the
> inflorescence to avoid exhausting the plant and to encourage new vegetative
> growth.  Can a Hippeastrum bulb be allowed to bloom without roots?  Should
> I keep it dry until I see leaves or continue to water occasionally?  My
> only other Hippeastrum are some recently germinated seedlings and some
> plants that I got from Telos and the PBS exchange while in growth, so I
> don't have any experience managing rootless bulbs.


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