Online Journal access - was Saffron crocus cultivation in Kashmir

Youngs Aberdeen
Wed, 04 Dec 2013 06:38:49 PST
Jim McKenney, mentioning an article from an old  bulletin wrote : "I 
have this ARGS volume in my personal library
  (i.e. in paper), but when I Googled to find the last time we discussed 
it on this list (I mentioned it then)
  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the NARGS bulletins can now be 
accessed via Google.
This is a wonderful resource, and one now accessible to anyone with an 
internet connection. "

It may be of interest to know that NARGS  and  SRGC have made all back 
issues of their journals available online.

Only the most recent examples of each are restricted to current members.

These are  indeed  remarkable resources being made freely accessible 
online to a wider public
and demonstrate a real determination to share information .

Scottish Rock Garden  Club -  back issues of "the Rock Garden" :…
North American Rock Garden Society  - back issues of the Bulletin :

There are some other specialist societies which are now providing this 
service too - something very much to be applauded, in my opinion.

M. Young.

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