Questions on Massonia

Sun, 22 Dec 2013 10:53:25 PST

Although it is a small genus that has received the attention of several
scientists in recent years, the species of Massonia remain somewhat
confused. A proper modern treatment is much needed. Some distinct entities
have been recognized and circumscribed recently (M. hirsuta), while others
continue to be widely misinterpreted, such as M. echinata. These two are
quite different in their morphology, flowering time, distribution and
scent. There are also plants well known in cultivation that have yet to be
named convincingly, such as the very distinct plant in the second photo
under M. echinata in the PBS Wiki.

The most important aspect of collecting massonias is to ascertain where
they were collected in the wild originally. This can be of great help in
identification or in the confirmation of a name.

Seeds: durable for 10 years at least under household refrigerator

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