"Christmas" Cactus - Variegated - can somebody help ?

arnold140@verizon.net arnold140@verizon.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2013 03:18:37 PST

Have a look at the forum. There are many off topic discussions.  One on pets and even one on cooking.

Difference is you have to go to look at a topic and it isn't dropped in your mail box like this one.

I like it very much.


On 12/29/13, Leo A. Martin wrote:

> Have a look at these. There may be some info for you.
> http://srgc.net/forum/index.php/…

The Schlumbergera cactus forum of the Scottish Rock Garden Society? And they say I write
off-topic! Or are the Scots that good at rock gardening?

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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