Camassia species clarification

Ceridwen Lloyd
Sun, 01 Dec 2013 23:17:09 PST
Hi all, 
I sadly have had my packet of Camassia Scilloides seed from a recent PBX seized and destroyed by Australian customs, as it is not on the permitted list ("Note: any species not listed on these tables are prohibited entry into Australia by legislation and require  assessment" - ICON AQIS web database).
Their list of permitted species is:
C cusickii
C esculenta
C leichtlinii
C qamash

Wikipedia lists six species - augusta, cusickii, howellii, leichtlinii, qamash and scilloides.
The PBS wiki describes leichtlinii and its subtypes, qamash and scilloides.
So now my questions are - what is C esculenta? (Is it garden worthy?!?)
Any info from those who know more than I about the weediness of C scilloides? (bearing in mind that leichtlinii is permitted, so I hope our quarantine officers never read Roger Whitlock's comments!) I know the officers are not biologists/horticulturalists/taxonomists, just people trying to so their job

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