Nerine seeds-California members

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 20 Dec 2013 09:23:31 PST

I have a few seeds that I have just harvested of 
a few different Nerines that I am growing.  I'm 
willing to share them with members of this list 
who live in California (so I won't have to worry 
about weather conditions for mailing). I need to 
limit this since I don't have a lot of seeds. All 
of these were pollinated by nature so no 
guarantees they will look like the orginal 
plants. Please email me privately with your 
address if you are interested as only those 
requests will be considered.  These are

1. Nerine bowdenii
2. Nerine sarinensis hybrid (obviously late blooming)
3. Nerine humilis × Nerine undulata - Originally 
from Jim Robinett when he was getting rid of 
plants.  It was marked as a cross between Nerine 
flexuosa, now considered Nerine humilis and 
Nerine undulata. One is from a summer rainfall 
area and one from a winter rainfall area. This 
plant grows well in Northern California, growing 
in the ground and flowering in the fall. Without 
summer rainfall it sometimes loses its leaves. I 
can grow it much easier in the ground than N. 
bowdenii which I grow in a deep pot where I can 
be sure it gets water when in growth.

 From the wiki:
Nerines produce fleshy seeds that are programmed 
to germinate immediately. Therefore seeds that 
are ripe (often easily detached from the 
flowering spike) should be sown right away into a 
well drained mix. Nerine seeds are best pushed 
gently into the surface of the soil about 1/4" 
(1/2 cm), not covered, and watered by capillary 
action - standing the pot in a saucer until the 
surface is damp. Germinate rate should be very 
good, almost 100%. For the first year they can be 
kept growing through the resting season. After 
that they will need the normal rest (Peter Smithers).

Mary Sue

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