animals that eat bulbs

clayton3120 clayton3120
Sun, 01 Dec 2013 13:26:49 PST
So maddening, isn't it Kathleen.     I've read online about using a
Peppermint Oil concoction to repel  rodents(rats in particular).  I don't
have squirrel issues, but I wonder if the Peppermint Oil, water solution
might works as well?  Smells great in the bulb frame, but you have to
re-apply ever 10 days or so.
Rick K

On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Kathleen Sayce <>wrote:

> For years I read posts from PBS members about squirrels digging and eating
> bulbs, and thought, weird, squirrels in my yard don't do this. Then I moved
> my seedling pots from the main entry to a side walkway less than thirty
> feet away, in a effort to declutter the main one. Welcome to my house,
> please dodge all the pots . . .
> Within a day, those same squirrels had found all the crocus pots and began
> digging out the bulbs, eating them, leaving the shoots behind. Stuck
> indoors with bronchitis, all I could do was fume, and begin planning
> extensive critter-guard devices. They checked some Lilum and Veratrum pots
> too, and a Triteleia, but left these alone for now.
> As soon as I can work outside, heavy mesh screens are going over every one
> of these pots. I already screen Pacifica iris seedling pots, because of the
> jays, which like to probe for seeds.
> As for the crocus, clearly I'll be starting over, growing them from seed.
> Kathleen
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