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Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Wed, 04 Dec 2013 01:01:18 PST
"Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where several Galanthus, two Iris unguicularis accessions, Narcissus "albidus foliosus", a rag tag assortment of late autumn crocuses and Cyclamen persicum (outside in a cold frame) are all blooming. "

This made me realise that for the first time I have two flowers on the Iris well before Xmas ( I MUST get some more) and quite a good show of galanthus.
Most notable is G. elwesii 'Peter Gatehouse' a really great and reliable cultivar.
G. e. 'Barnes' , G. e. 'Armistice Day' and G. e. Athenae'  outdated but still reliable cultivars are providing quite a display with the G. peshmenii and various later flowering G. reginae-olgae.
My white Amaryllis belladonna has not flowered for the last two years. It hated being divided.
I might try the white form of Nerine bowdenii. A friend in the next village has (from me as it was a mistake in an order) Nerine flexuosa still performing well.
Narcissus minor 'Sir Cedric Morris' is not far off blooming. It usually does open easily for Xmas.
I think Narcissus 'Avalanche' got frozen to death last winter. I had been growing it for years though.
I don't grow any other winter flowering narcissi sadly.
I'll try some of the romieuxii types perhaps.
Crocus other than saffron and cartwrightianus albus were poor this year probably due to voles
Cyclamen persicum is starting up nicely on the same spot as the Galanthus peshmenii and G. cilicicus.
It usually gets frosted off after a while though but still grows fine.

Best regards,
Sainte Marguerite-sur-mer
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