Bean bag stuffing hydrophobia

Leo A. Martin
Thu, 05 Dec 2013 07:51:22 PST
> SO if you want to maintain drainage and
> save weight you must use a material of
> the same particle size - but lighter.
> Perhaps the Styrofoam beads used in
> "bean bag" chairs would work better
> than Ghost Farts.

For capillary action to function the medium must be capable of being wetted. Foam repels
water and there would be no capillary action, so these small foam beads would not
provide better drainage.

I do this to make containers lighter for the inevitable moving around. And as for the
cycad seedlings - they didn't take P chem, and they are very definitely much less
rot-prone in deep containers with a layer of foam peanuts under then soil as opposed to
without the peanuts.

Leo Martin

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