Ledebouria grandifolia

John Grimshaw john@oltarakwa.co.uk
Sun, 15 Dec 2013 03:07:38 PST
I saw Ledebouria grandifolia on Socotra in December 1999, but it wasn't in
flower: the pictures shown on Harry Jan's website
http://jansalpines.com/gallery/main.php/… of it flowering
are therefore of great  interest.  When I saw it the leaves were expanded
and lying flat to the ground, so it was easy to see why it was thought to be
a Haemanthus when discovered by Isaac Bayley Balfour in 1880 (flowering
material was not seen until 1993). 

John Grimshaw

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Ledebouria grandifolia is endemic to Socotra and there are some great images
of it on the Scottish Rock Garden Club website. A few forumists were there
earlier this year and caught it in flower. It is bulbous and was only
rediscovered in the past few decades I think (ca. 1996). It was described as
a Haemanthus with just the leaves being collected for the type specimens. 

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