B Spencer
Tue, 19 Feb 2013 14:08:23 PST
I have (in fact had) two amarcrimum plants about 5 years old grown from seed. In my zone 5 in Canada I can only overwinter my tender bulbs inside and they have spent their winters in a cool greenhouse (minimum +4 C) the last three years. This year one of them rotted. That is the roots are perfectly well but the inside of the bulb rotted to the base plate. The other one seems to be OK for now, but there are patches of rot on the outside of the neck which I cleaned and dusted with sulfur and brought the bulb inside the house. It is heartbreaking, because the bulbs were not the same in appearance; the rotted one being much shorted and the flowers would have been likely different (it has not bloomed yet). I hope I did not overwater them.The soil was barely moist when I noticed the rot. The tender bulbs in the greenhouse barely get  any water during winter. Clivias are doing fabulously with this regime, but I have no real experience with other amaryllidaceae especially in the crin
 um family. Oh, yes I do have a few pots of amaryllis there which are doing well as well. I hope somebody can shed some light on the problem. There is such a wealth of knowledge shared on the site it is positively intimidating.
Boguslawa(Bea) Spencer,
Zone 5 Ontario, Canada

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