Pacific Coast Iris -and I munzii

James Waddick
Mon, 04 Feb 2013 12:51:06 PST
		you can buy potted ones shipped in fall from Wild Ginger Farm <> .

> I. munzii ... is rather tender and also quite large,
> Jane McGary

Dear IBSers,
	I'd like to comment on 2 of Jane's points:

	I hate to put in an ad, but Wild Ginger Farm has an excellent selection and ships plants potted.

	I. munzii is an incredible shade of blue leaning toward turquoise and instills immediate PCN( Pacific Coast Native) plant lust. It is also the most southern of the PCN species and notoriously difficult to grow and hybridize outside its native range. 

	The SIGNA seed Exchange still has seeds available of various mixed PCN hybrids but I munzii sold out quickly.

		See next note.		Jim W. 

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