Trading weeds

James Waddick
Wed, 06 Feb 2013 09:32:29 PST
Dear PBSers,

	I expect abuse about this topic. 

	I had avoided growing ANY Oxalis, because of my local weeds and especially the greenhouse pot weed with pink flowers 9 A sorrel) that comes up every where, forms bulbs deep in the pot and are a devil to pull up. Seems to pop up everywhere.

	A few years ago I broke down and a few kind PBS ers and others sent me a few large flowered species and cvs to try. I had maybe a dozen total in a range of leaf and flower forms and colors. I gave them good conditions and space in my limited greenhouse for a couple of years. Eventually I decided there just wasn't enough 'bang' for the space and I gave the lot away to other friends and back to a PBS BX. A couple where quite cute, but in my cold climate they are strictly greenhouse subjects and not worth it to me.

	Since I tend to reuse some potting soil, after sifting and cleaning I wasn't quite prepared to find a whole variety of Oxalis popping up in way too many pots. O. luteola, O 'Garnet' and others. I still have my weedy pink oxalis /sorrel, but now I have three or four (5 or 6) equally weedy oxalis. 

	The good thing is that these are easier to pull out and compost and they should not be hardy here. 

	I am some what dismayed to have this turn of events and any good thoughts I had about these as potential greenhouse charmers is fading fast. 

	I am sure they are more refined and controllable in milder climates especially where they do not demand winter care like mine do, but I just would never recommend them to a mid western garden greenhouse.  I'll admire pix from afar. 

			Best   Jim W. 		(cleaning up greenhouse pots in preparation for spring planting of seeds and such)

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