merwilla krausii

Marilyn Pekasky
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 11:34:19 PST
Sorry - I didn't see this post before I replied to yours.  Hope you figure it 

Marilyn Pekasky

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At 07:07 PM 3/02/2013, you wrote:
>Does anyone have information on this bulb.
>That is the name - merwilla krausii - on the tag from when I bought it.
>It is definitely not scilla natalensis as listed on the pbs photograph site.
>It is mid summer here in Melbourne Australia and this bulb is about to
>flower - about 30cm/6 ins high purplish stem and leaves and blue flower.
>It does not seem to multiply or set seed - but I only have one bulb.


Give it time, mine multiplies fairly well now, 
although not prolifically.  I just love it, 
particularly when the almost black new foliage 
emerges.  I don't recall mine flowering at this time of year though.


Paul T.
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