Planting Lilies

Ellen Watrous
Sat, 16 Feb 2013 19:40:34 PST

What time of year do you separate and replant your pacific coast native 


Corvallis, OR, zone 8b

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> I grow on a much smaller scale.  I usually plunge the entire seedling pot 
> rootball into the garden without separating the little bulbs.  I place 
> about 1/4 inch of soil over the top of the rootball.  So the bulbs are 1/4 
> inch deeper than they were in the pot.  I then mulch with fine bark for 
> the first year, and with coarse bark for the second year.  As soon as I 
> start using coarse mulch, I have to do serious slug eradication with bait. 
> I also grow companion plants over my lily beds, which help with soil 
> moisture and temperature.  When the bulbs are almost big enough to bloom, 
> I separate and replant them with more room.  But it’s amazing how well 
> lilies grow when crowded fairly close together.  The bulbs become more 
> cylindrical, since there is only room to grow downward.
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