Shade tolerant amaryllids

steven hart
Tue, 05 Feb 2013 18:01:38 PST
Hi Alberto & everyone :-)
I thought you would find this interesting, geophytes are incredible
survivors aren't they..

I am always so fascinated by the differences my growing conditions produce
compared to Europe & USA & even other parts of Australia... You know I
never realised Eucharis are supposed to be evergreen, mine go completely
dormant every winter without fail, even though I don't get very cold for
long, & frost doesn't actually settle on my mountain top, & false dormant
again in extreme dry heat of summer for a short spell, but that will be due
to heat stress prior to the heavy rains, because the change of season is so
extreme, from cool winter to hot dry strong westerly winds in spring to
I very rarely water mine ever, they are in shallow, poor draining fast
drying semi organic soil & if I do water, it is very random & always very
little, just a quick spray with the hose & with unfiltered very cold dam
water because that's all I have to give them.. But they seem to be ok with
it, the leaves are beautiful & healthy, & I get lots of flowers more than
once a season & I never get bacterial problems or dampening off moulds
thank goodness.. Its a problem during our regular mini droughts though,
because we have to add bore water & its got a little salt & lots of
minerals, so I try not to water if possible when this happens or it damages
the leaves very badly :-(

I wouldn't recommend my torturous growing methods to anyone else but Its so
amazing how plants can adapt...
Esk Queensland Australia
Winter zone 5, Summer zone 10
On 6 February 2013 10:39, Alberto Castillo <>wrote:

> Eucharises are gorgeous. Foliage is very attractive and evergreen. I have
> seen fantastic clumps in pots indoors by the fireplace. Touchy watering
> wise. One must give them regular waterings (better with warmish tepid
> water), regular meaning  about the same amount, too much at a time will
> make the foliage go yellow and die. It is a tropical bulb from the
> Amazonian Andes. In late summer by withdrawing water almost completely (for
> about a month) mature bulbs will produce the lovely flowers. During this
> process foliage must not dry off (remember it is evergreen). You can obtain
> two consecutive flowerings during the warm season with this procedure
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Steven : )
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