Manure and bulbs: was Re: amarcrinum

B Spencer
Thu, 21 Feb 2013 05:25:18 PST
I think the whole difference is that in modern times horse breeders and 
owners use wood shavings for bedding. This matter is anything like that old 
manure with straw used for hot beds. In fact I do not think it could heat up 
like that old stuff. The manure lacks moisture. I was using stuff from my 
neighbour's pile which was at least five years old if not more, on my 
perennial flower bed that I reworked last your ( by the way I dug up 
hundreds of daffodils in the process and none were rotted. No evidence of 
Narcissus fly). It was more  like bagged wood chip mulch. I  can see that 
this stuff could grow mycelium under the right circumstances.
Bea zone 5 

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