Trading weeds-Oxalis

James Waddick
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 08:42:04 PST
Dear Friends, 

	I didn't get rid of Oxalis because they turned weedy. I got rid of them before that. I got rid of them because they weren't enough of a display to justify the room and care they took i a limited greenhouse. This is true in general of winter growers in a hard climate like mine. Not enough 'Bang'.

	Only after I got rid of them did they start to appear all over the greenhouse. 

	But I did keep one Oxalis - and as a couple guessed, it is O. triangularis. But it is not just a winter grower, but stays evergreen with attractive foliage, and is worth the greenhouse space. I have the typical green foliage form, not the purple leaved cv. Nice.

	I guess I am not anti-Oxalis, but don't think they justify growing space in a northern climate especially the winter growers. 

			Best    Jim W. 

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