Sun, 03 Feb 2013 10:51:51 PST
"*The days of the Mexican stand off between so called 'lumpers and
splitters' is effectively soon to be at an end with these new tools and
allowing an inarguable case, more often than not, to be made one way or

Who would make the "inarguable case"? A consensus or a central authority?
The arbiter is the scientific community, which derives much of its strength
from the heterodox nature of its members. Friction between the latter can
be more productive than agreement.

I don't think the problem of ranking taxa, ultimately a subjective
necessity, can be resolved in a landscape of new information and evolving
interpretations. Two botanists with a similar, comprehensive understanding
of a group may forward different and equally valid views on the
organization of taxa into a formal classification. Such differences provide
a crucial forum for the improvement of phylogenies and taxonomy.


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