Iris unguicuilaris

James Waddick
Mon, 04 Feb 2013 13:04:51 PST

> But in the cold frames it's a different world. One clump of Iris unguicularis has four flowers open today. Some recently purchased primroses placed nearby in the same frame combine beautifully with the irises and make a vividly colorful picture. It's definitely spring in the cold frames. 
Dear Jim Mc and all. 

	I grow I unguiculares 'Mary Barnard' in the open ground. South facing exposure about 2 ft from unheated garage foundation. It has been there for going on 3 years. Any time we have a few warm days in mid- late winter a flower or two pops out. Mostly they get frozen after a few days and I have yet to get seed set. I expect bloom any day now that we are having a warm  - above freezing - sunny spell. 

	I also have newly planted I cretensis. Yet to bloom it has produced a bud, but got frozen. Also the related I lazica blooms regularly and is nearby. 

	I am certain these would all be hardy for you in your milder climate.			Jim W. 

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