Pacific Bulb Society BX 333 (Notholirion germination)

Eugene Zielinski
Fri, 22 Feb 2013 18:58:27 PST
I would recommend moving the Notholirion seed to your cold frame.  Many
years ago I had Notholirion seed (species forgotten) in moist peat in the
refrigerator that sat for three months and did nothing.  I moved it to my
unheated garage and it germinated in the spring (April).  I strongly feel
that Notholirion needs fluctuating temperatures to complete germination.
If you have enough seed, why not keep some in the refrigerator and put the
rest in the cold frame?  And let us know of the results.

Eugene Zielinski
Rapid City, SD

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> Big thanks again, David. My N. bulbuliferum seed, started February 3, has
been kept moist and cold and shows only tiny embryos.  I'm wondering now if
I should move them to a cold frame where they will get fluctuating
temperatures, some much warmer than those of the fridge. 
> Jim McKenney
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