Reusing potting soil (was Trading weeds)

Diana Chapman
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 11:37:50 PST
I have to chip in here, and I am not going to defend my favorite genus.  
I don't care if some people hate Oxalis.

I NEVER reuse potting soil.  I think it is totally crazy!!  You are 
risking your collection.  You could spread fungal diseases, root 
mealybugs and possibly virus among your precious collection in addition 
to seeds and bulbils that you don't want.  Not to mention also that used 
potting soil is lacking in nutrients and probably has salt buildup from 
fertilizer application.  It just isn't worth the price of a bag of 
potting soil.  I generate mountains of used potting soil, and it goes on 
my flower garden (which is large), and yes, I have little bulbs popping 
up here and there, but I have never had Oxalis in my garden, mostly 
native bulbs, gladiolus and tropaeolum (which was a surprise).  I repot 
everything about every two years, and it is a constant ongoing task 
throughout the year.  I have hundreds upon hundreds of pots of bulbs, 
and all the old potting soil is discarded, and the pots and benches 
washed along with the repotting.    If I can do it with a whole nursery 
full of bulbs in pots, you can too!!!  I have NO problems with disease 
spreading in my greenhouses or with unwanted bulbs popping up.

Telos Rare Bulbs

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