Import permits

Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:49:53 PST
I had to laugh when I read this from Jane:

"*The USDA has about twice as many layers of security as my online**
banking, which apparently was put in place because (a) many people
try to hack all US government websites, (b) there is a high level of
**paranoia as a result, and (c) they did it because they could*."

Yet they have inadvertently posted the email addresses of those who have
commented on proposed rule changes! Navigating those pages of often very
useful comments from a wide range of growers is a nightmare. As with
importing or exporting, the system does not inherently reward workers for doing
the right thing but only for going by what is in the rule book. The more
input from hobbyists and nurserymen in the law-making process the better.


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