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I am also also believe that there must be some type of H.
brachyandrus. In my planting ground sometimes I have found out H.
brachyandrus with some with exceptionally broad petals which are very
beautiful. As it is easy to propagate from seeds, I tried to self
pollinate them hoping that I could get a lot of H. brachyandrus with
broad petals. To my disappointment, I have just got quite some
progenies with broad petals by mostly narrow petals. Apparently even
though there are some broad leaved type, but they are mostly of
mongrel strain.


2013/2/2 Ina <klazina@orcon.net.nz>:
Alani, this is what my H. brachyandrus looks like, what can be seen of
the leaves, they are nothing like the one in Roland's photos, nor is the
flower shape like that, and the brachyandrus has a dark part (don't know
the right name for that).


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