M. Gastil-Buhl
Sun, 17 Feb 2013 10:27:02 PST
your germination experience intrigues me.

I do not order sufficient quantity of seed of each species to split  
the batches for a real controlled experiment.
My idea was that in perhaps 3 years when the plants produce their own  
seed here, then I would do experiments.
But given your experience, now I realize that our local California  
crop may have different results.

Much to think about.

This year I have sprouted my seeds in tiny clear plastic closed dishes  
because I want to observe their germination, the shape of the sprout,  
where the root (radicule) comes out of the seed, whether they go down  
first or send shoots up right away, that sort of stuff.
The dishes go into the fridge each night, and in about 70 F (21 C)  
room each day.
When Im traveling, they stay on the porch to get outdoor temperature  
If all that was not necessary... it would save a lot of fuss.

I have Geissorhiza aspera seed from two sources: Silverhill and PBS BX  
317#17 grown in Berkley.
The California-grown ones germinated approximately 1 week before the  
imported ones.
Over a 3 month period, 1 week does not seem significant.
Both batches were handled together, no difference in temperature  
The imported ones, however, might have been 6 months older since I  
ordered them in June.
Both began their treatment in November.…

- Gastil

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