Oxalis adenophylla

Rodger Whitlock totototo@telus.net
Tue, 26 Feb 2013 11:23:14 PST
On 26 Feb 2013, at 7:42, Jim McKenney wrote:

> Are any of you growing Oxalis adenophylla successfully as a garden plant?

Yes. Me.

First let me summarize Victoria's climate:

Wettest months are Nov-Dec-Jan, avg 101 mm precipitation per month.

Driest month is July, average 14 mm precipitation.

Warmest months are Jul-Aug, avg 20 Celsius

Coldest months are Dec-Jan, avg 7 Celsius

I've had two long term plantings of Oxalis adenophylla that did fairly well.

Planting 1: The soil was my usual heavyish, fertile clay-loam, shaded in 
winter, sunny in summer because it was about 10 ft north of the house.

Planting 2: The soil was compacted pit run gravel (sand and stones mixed), a 
few inches above grade so more sharply drained than planting 1.

Oxalis adenophylla grew well for about 20 years in planting 1, but gradually 
petered out, possibly due to the greedy roots of an Alberta blue spruce 
reaching it. There may still be a few of the oxalis alive there.

In planting 2, the oxalis grew well and multiplied. That planting had to be 
lifted in fall 2011 because of construction, and each bulb had grown into a 
nice clump.

Planting 2 was definitely more successful than planting 1, but I cannot say if 
this is due to the better winter drainage, less competition from tree roots, 
the generally lighter soil, or some other factor.

The bulbs in planting 2 were used to create

Planting 3: soil the usual clay loam, about 5' south of the house, but lightly 
shaded in summer by a pomegranate tree at the foot of the wall. Well drained 
because of its proximity to the house perimeter drain. Too early to conclude 
whether the location is good, bad, or indifferent, but the oxalis is sending up 
leaves as I write.

I should mention that the oxalis in planting 3 were attacked by a rust last 

I leave it to other subscribers to pontificate on causes and effects.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Z. 7-8, cool Mediterranean climate

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