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Alot in the email. Technically plants entering the country go to a plant inspection station and visual and some microscopic evaluation is conducted. If all looks good the plants are released. 

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> Hello:
> It seems that the England is in the Preclearance program of APHIS.
> http://aphis.usda.gov/import_export/plants/…
> And there do be the case for "May ENTER any port without inspection" in the 
> chapter 7.
> But there are still some requirement for the situation.
> Such as the pre-cleared species is listed in the table 7-2, is dormant, 
> with declarations "Copy-certificate of examination for USA" on the 
> official document, and off course the phytosanitary certificate.
> And I'm wonder one thing.
> In Taiwan, the last part of the official plants inspection process is 
> taking sample and let go. But if the sample shows the infection, then the 
> plants be call back.
> (The same for the bulbs, It must take at least 10 bulbs which shows or 
> seems have the sign of infected. for the case of geophytes, 10% of the 
> plants need to be thoroughly inspected, and the time will varies by the 
> species and the pests. so it may take a lot of time while there are 
> several kinds of species which are hosts of the several pests. Each 
> matched species and pest have its own SOP. And thank god the sample size 
> is depends on the batch of the plants not the quantities of species.)
> There are cases that vegetables and meat imported to Taiwan and found they 
> are infected by some bacteria after 1-8week (depends on the kinds and 
> numbers of the substances which needed to be detected), just after they 
> are eaten.
> Does the APHIS only let the plants go after all the samples are tested as 
> being safe?
> Fierycloud
> Taiwan
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