Import permits

B Spencer
Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:24:44 PST
Interesting. Finally, something more complicated and annoying than the 
Agriculture Canada rules. Does this prohibition include importing seeds from 
Canada? We do not have to get any permits for small lots of seeds , the 
horticultural kind, for now at least. I got seeds from South Africa, 
Germany, the United Kingdom, no problem. As for bulbs and plant material it 
is a different story. No permit required from the USA, but the 
phytosanitary certificate, shipping costs and brokerage fees (each shipment 
will be opened, taxed and levied a fee for  "labour"), makes it so expensive 
that only a well to-do and  determined person would consider it. I did get 
some tree peonies from Alderman's and a couple of grafted cornus mas 
(dogwood) from  Oregon too, the edible kind, but can only dream about many 
new super hardy magnolias for my collection.The phytosanitary certificate 
seems to be four times as expensive on the East Coast as it is in Oregon. 
Any other country...and it is the same hustle as for you folks only we do 
not have an  branch of Canada Agriculture on every corner. The permit comes 
from Ottawa. I do not have to send a photograph, I think.
Maybe the USDA think that every seed order will come attached with a 
terrorist disguised as a pea pod.? All that red tape, yet the Emerald Ash 
Borer is destroying out trees to give an example. And how did it get here? 
Probably in pallets with some shipment of goods that had nothing to do with 
Bea Spencer

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